Unfortunately my friend’s ex-girlfriend has created quite a negative first impression of you guys, but being the INFP that I am I refuse to judge all of you based on her. However, I am very interested in positive examples of you all in action.

Firstly I’ll let you know what I have gathered from her in interactions with myself and others. She is CONSTANTLY looking to be the center of attention in negative ways by being dramatic, talking very loudly, and through unwanted physical contact.

**Side note: She is bisexual as am I and one of my other friends. It’s not uncommon for me and my other friends to get pretty touchy-feely with each other at parties or at other times when everyone is just kind of letting loose and having fun. What I mean by “unwanted physical contact” is that she would randomly come up behind us in public and grope us and try to corner us into kissing her. We did let her know that there was a time and a place for it and that we weren’t always down for it, and she understood and stopped doing it at inappropriate times, however it would be no different at any sort of party.

She would cling to her boyfriend and suck on his neck like a leech. She also had a problem with knowing when to stop drinking,  and at every party she would drink way too much and make some sort of scene.

I like to think that the majority of ESFPs enjoy the center of attention but are more aware of when they need to stop and are comfortable not being the center of attention all the time.  From what I know about personality psychology I would assume that ESFPs are great outgoing, fun loving people who always have an idea of what to do or where to go that most everyone would be happy with, but are good at going with the flow as long as there doing something. I like to think that you guys would be that person that everyone loves at parties. I feel like maybe you guys have a hard time sitting still? ? 😉

But I want to hear from all of you!  What are your experiences as an ESFP or interacting with them? Have you noticed that you enjoy being the life of the party or an ESFP you know seems to enjoy the spotlight? Let me know, I want my faith in this type restored!  🙂


Okay guys, I’m going to be honest with you I didn’t complete one big random act of kindness every day for the past week. However, it’s not one of those things where it was laziness or I just didn’t care to, but it’s a lot harder than it looks when you go looking for ways to go out of your way to help people.

The second day of the week when I was on my way to class the girl who was walking in front of me dropped her water bottle but I was in too awkward of a position to pick it up for her, so that was a fail.

The days after that there was just no opportunities in between school and then going straight home to do homework and soccer practice. I mean I let people in on the freeway and I stop for pedestrians in shopping centers to let them cross. I hold doors open for people and say please and thank you.

However not once was I faced with someone who needed help pushing their car or anything of that nature and I feel like it defeats the whole purpose if you go way out of your way to look for things to do. Of course just average volunteer work and things of that sort are exempt from this, but you get my point. 

I guess what I’m getting at is that “Random Acts of Kindness” aren’t about saving the world or helping everyone, everywhere, all the time in some big significant way. It’s just about doing the little things you can do that can make everyone’s life run a little smoother. Like giving someone a quarter when they come up $0.14 short when paying for their food, or just simply opening the door for them. Every little thing counts.

I still encourage all of you to take part in tblRandom Acts of Kindness Week whenever you like, but keep in mind that it’s not about changing someone’s life in some big drastic way, it’s just about keeping it in the back of your mind so you’re a little more likely to do the little things that really matter.

So it turns out practicing random acts of kindness isn’t as easy as it might seem.  The closest I came to a random act of kindness today was taking my friend from her house back to her car at IHOP.  She was really happy and it made me feel good about myself because I was willing to go completely out of my way to help out a friend.

I was going to pick up a woman’s water bottle for her, but she got to it before I could.

 Hope all of your random acts of kindness are coming along easier than mine! ! 😀

Continuing on the topic from yesterday, today in my psych class we were assigned a project related to altruism.  Part of the project is for the next week everyday we are to Practice Random Acts of Kindness. I think this is something that would be good for anyone to do,  and I encourage you guys to take part in this week with me.

Each day I’ll be posting about my random act of kindness and I encourage you all to do the same,  either in the comments or on your own blog with the tag “tblRandom Acts of Kindness Week”.

Include details such as what you did,  how the other person reacted, and how you felt afterwards.  I’m really looking forward to reading what you all have to say!!

**Please note: You can start this whenever you want, even if it’s after my week has already passed,  I’d still love to read about your RAoK!!! 🙂

Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others.

I like to think that if I were put into a situation where I had the opportunity to step up and help others or to ignore it and walk away I would choose the first option. I think we all like to think that about ourselves. However, if you were actually put into the situation, what would you do?

Imagine you’re waiting at an intersection and an old woman is crossing the street carrying groceries when suddenly the bag breaks and she drops her food. Would you just drive by figuring she’ll take care of it herself, or would you pull over and run to help her?

The first thing that many people say is that it’s situational. It depends on what kind of mood you’re in, where you’re going, how difficult it would be to pull over, etc. If it were under perfect circumstances to help her, what would you do? If it would be completely out of your way to help her what would you do?

Unfortunately I have to admit to myself that if I was in a hurry somewhere or in not the best mood I probably would not help her. However, if it would be quick and easy for me to pull over I like to think that I would go over and help her.

Some more food for thought: do you think people do things like this for the satisfaction of selflessly helping someone, or for the recognition of their selflessness?

When I was little my parents were huge supporters of all of the magical figures; Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny. In fact there was a time when I lost a tooth and I wrote the tooth fairy a note along with my tooth and my mom wrote a note back and put glitter on it! It was a very very exciting moment for me, but also around the time that I started to figure out that maybe the tooth fairy was my parents. However I couldn’t find the stationary she used to write a note back to me so I wasn’t 100% positive. 

My sister was a little different. She was very attached to her teeth as a child and didn’t want them to disappear forever after she gave them to the tooth fairy, so she never put them under her pillow. She did write a note to the tooth fairy asking her if she could possibly turn her teeth into coins that had a picture of the tooth on it. My mom later told me that she looked EVERYWHERE for any sort of coin that had teeth on it and she couldn’t find anything. Huge props to my mom for that.

Eventually the thought did cross my mind that Santa Claus might not be real. One night when my mom was tucking me in I asked her about it. She didn’t tell me straight up though, she first asked me what I thought and I told her that I thought that the parents were doing it, but that “Santa Claus” was just made up of all of the parents all over the world that got up and put the stuff in the stockings and presents under the tree. She did confirm my theory, and I’m very happy that she let me phrase it and come to terms with it myself. I was pretty sad that the reindeer didn’t exist though.

All that being said, I believe that these magical figures are very important for children because it introduces them to the experience of having faith in something. I feel like this is something that only children can do because they are so innocent that they can put their whole heart into believing something purely on faith. If they don’t experience that when they are best equipped for it, I think that they would potentially have difficulty later in life having any sort of faith in anything.

Faith is one of the strongest aspects of human beings because it gives us the ability to trust people and be happy even when we are surrounded by horrible things. It doesn’t all have to do with religion, not even in the slightest. Having faith in yourself to accomplish your dreams, having faith in your friends and family to be there for you, having faith in your government, your car, your shoelaces! You trust that your shoelaces are going to hold your shoes together and not allow your shoes to fall off of your feet. 

If we didn’t have faith, everything in life would be about second guessing. People would be even more paranoid than they already are. Speaking of which, conspiracy theories count as faith too. Now that I think about it though, if conspiracy theories and things of that nature are also the result of faith, then I am honestly not 100% positive what the world would look like if no one had faith in anything.

What do you think? 


Last night after me and Ben got out of our counseling class he was taking me back to my car and I began to have one of my infamous nervous breakdowns (they happen every couple of weeks because I have problems with general anxiety and stress). We sat in his car for like 20 minutes and I told him all of the stuff I was worrying about and then he suggested that I make a list of all of the things I was worried about. He said that he had read a bunch of case studies for his abnormal psych class and in every single one they had them make some sort of list.

So we went inside and sat down and he told me to write down everything that came to mind that I was worrying about. My list looked something like this:

  • Chem homework
  • Read Lit
  • Lit Project
  • Buy The Things They Carried 
  • Go to detention 
  • Counseling Project 
  • Summer Classes
  •  AP Tests
  • Math Homework

Then he had me go through the entire list and pick out the things that I still had time to do that night and get to bed by 11pm at the latest (my constant worrying and stress cause me to stay up late worrying and stressing and it effects not only the amount ,but also my quality of sleep). So I wrote down next to the previous list:

  • Chem homework
  • Math homework
  • Read lit
  • Summer Classes

Then I crossed them off the other list and he told me to look at what was left on the list and to just not worry about it because there was nothing that I could do about it.

Honestly this really helped a lot because being able to see all of the things I was worried about condensed into a list of 9 things made me feel like it was way smaller of a deal than I was making it out to be. It also made it way easier to accept that there was nothing I could do about  it at that exact moment. 

What do you guys think? Have you ever made a list when something was overwhelming you? Did it help, or do you use other methods to stop worrying?