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Okay, so once again I haven’t posted very recently on here so I figured I should probably update you guys on the newest adventure I am taking.

Me and my boyfriend and two of our friends plan to move into an apartment together this summer, so money has been on my mind A LOT lately. I do make just barely enough with my current job to be able to get by, but it leaves me with basically no fun money whatsoever. So I started looking into different ways to earn a second income. I have clearly already tried blogging, but this is definitely more of a do it at my own pace kind of thing that would not hold up very well as a source of income. I have made this Google search hundreds of times, but I came across something new this past time. Bulk candy vending. I looked into it a little more and it seems like an excellent fit for me! 😀

I bought a machine off of Craigslist, I have obtained my seller’s permit from the state of California Board of Equalization, and I mailed in my filing for a fictitious business name to the County Clerk! I also filled out the form to become a part of the National Children’s Cancer Society’s charity vending program. Basically being associated with a charity helps avoid the whole businesses asking for a cut of your profit to let you place your machine in their location. It’s good for the charity, and it makes the business look good because people who buy from the machine will associate the machine with the business, not with an independent owner.

I also am in the process of filling out the business license form for my city, and it’s so difficult with the location of a business, because there really isn’t a set location. All of the paper work and office work and such will be done out of my home, but I’m not selling anything from my house so I don’t know if I qualify as a home operated business. Also since I am selling candy I have to look into whether or not I need a health permit and there really isn’t anywhere that is geared directly at bulk candy vending in terms of what licenses and things you need, it’s all geared towards soda and snack vending, which are bigger and have to account for tax and such.

So the process is somewhat confusing, but I am doing a really good job at motivating myself to get it done! I’m just taking it one baby step at a time, and Ben is doing a really good job about keeping all questions and stuff about the here and now instead of the future, because I have discovered that thinking too much about all of the details of having a bunch of machines and stuff to run is really un-motivating, so I’m just focusing on one thing at a time. The first thing I did was go out and buy a machine off of Craigslist, because I knew as soon as I had it it would really get me excited. And it did! It was only $50! 😀 (For anyone thinking of starting a business like this, do not pay more than $50 for your first few machines, you are ripping yourself off.)

I was able to compile a list of potential places of where to place the machine, which was fun. And the goal right now is get that machine placed, and make enough money off of it to buy a second machine, and then I assume do the same with those two machines. Which really isn’t that bad, having one machine to place. Since I have a truck what I will most likely end up doing is just taking it with me to every single place, which is another piece of advice that I read that I really like. You walk into the business and do your little presentation and if they say yes, you go right out to the truck, get it, and set it up right then and there. Also it allows the business owner the opportunity to see the machine in person and get a good feel for it. Plus I think the whole instant gratification aspect of it helps as well.

I’m also going to get started on a presentation binder, which will have information about the NCCS, probably some information on the machine, and then the various types of candy that I offer aside from gumballs. My current machine has two heads on it so there can be two different kinds of candy in it, and plus some business owners might not want gum in their business.

So that is that! If you guys have experience with this industry, or and questions or general comments I would love to hear from you! 😀