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Last night after me and Ben got out of our counseling class he was taking me back to my car and I began to have one of my infamous nervous breakdowns (they happen every couple of weeks because I have problems with general anxiety and stress). We sat in his car for like 20 minutes and I told him all of the stuff I was worrying about and then he suggested that I make a list of all of the things I was worried about. He said that he had read a bunch of case studies for his abnormal psych class and in every single one they had them make some sort of list.

So we went inside and sat down and he told me to write down everything that came to mind that I was worrying about. My list looked something like this:

  • Chem homework
  • Read Lit
  • Lit Project
  • Buy The Things They Carried 
  • Go to detention 
  • Counseling Project 
  • Summer Classes
  •  AP Tests
  • Math Homework

Then he had me go through the entire list and pick out the things that I still had time to do that night and get to bed by 11pm at the latest (my constant worrying and stress cause me to stay up late worrying and stressing and it effects not only the amount ,but also my quality of sleep). So I wrote down next to the previous list:

  • Chem homework
  • Math homework
  • Read lit
  • Summer Classes

Then I crossed them off the other list and he told me to look at what was left on the list and to just not worry about it because there was nothing that I could do about it.

Honestly this really helped a lot because being able to see all of the things I was worried about condensed into a list of 9 things made me feel like it was way smaller of a deal than I was making it out to be. It also made it way easier to accept that there was nothing I could do about  it at that exact moment. 

What do you guys think? Have you ever made a list when something was overwhelming you? Did it help, or do you use other methods to stop worrying?