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When I was little my parents were huge supporters of all of the magical figures; Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny. In fact there was a time when I lost a tooth and I wrote the tooth fairy a note along with my tooth and my mom wrote a note back and put glitter on it! It was a very very exciting moment for me, but also around the time that I started to figure out that maybe the tooth fairy was my parents. However I couldn’t find the stationary she used to write a note back to me so I wasn’t 100% positive. 

My sister was a little different. She was very attached to her teeth as a child and didn’t want them to disappear forever after she gave them to the tooth fairy, so she never put them under her pillow. She did write a note to the tooth fairy asking her if she could possibly turn her teeth into coins that had a picture of the tooth on it. My mom later told me that she looked EVERYWHERE for any sort of coin that had teeth on it and she couldn’t find anything. Huge props to my mom for that.

Eventually the thought did cross my mind that Santa Claus might not be real. One night when my mom was tucking me in I asked her about it. She didn’t tell me straight up though, she first asked me what I thought and I told her that I thought that the parents were doing it, but that “Santa Claus” was just made up of all of the parents all over the world that got up and put the stuff in the stockings and presents under the tree. She did confirm my theory, and I’m very happy that she let me phrase it and come to terms with it myself. I was pretty sad that the reindeer didn’t exist though.

All that being said, I believe that these magical figures are very important for children because it introduces them to the experience of having faith in something. I feel like this is something that only children can do because they are so innocent that they can put their whole heart into believing something purely on faith. If they don’t experience that when they are best equipped for it, I think that they would potentially have difficulty later in life having any sort of faith in anything.

Faith is one of the strongest aspects of human beings because it gives us the ability to trust people and be happy even when we are surrounded by horrible things. It doesn’t all have to do with religion, not even in the slightest. Having faith in yourself to accomplish your dreams, having faith in your friends and family to be there for you, having faith in your government, your car, your shoelaces! You trust that your shoelaces are going to hold your shoes together and not allow your shoes to fall off of your feet. 

If we didn’t have faith, everything in life would be about second guessing. People would be even more paranoid than they already are. Speaking of which, conspiracy theories count as faith too. Now that I think about it though, if conspiracy theories and things of that nature are also the result of faith, then I am honestly not 100% positive what the world would look like if no one had faith in anything.

What do you think?