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Continuing on the topic from yesterday, today in my psych class we were assigned a project related to altruism.  Part of the project is for the next week everyday we are to Practice Random Acts of Kindness. I think this is something that would be good for anyone to do,  and I encourage you guys to take part in this week with me.

Each day I’ll be posting about my random act of kindness and I encourage you all to do the same,  either in the comments or on your own blog with the tag “tblRandom Acts of Kindness Week”.

Include details such as what you did,  how the other person reacted, and how you felt afterwards.  I’m really looking forward to reading what you all have to say!!

**Please note: You can start this whenever you want, even if it’s after my week has already passed,  I’d still love to read about your RAoK!!! 🙂


Finished my psych project at around 12:20 last night. It took me about an hour and a half to edit. Just another example of why you SHOULD NOT procrastinate. That being said, I accidentally carried all of my textbooks into school from my car today as a result of being half asleep.