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I would like to start off by thanking those of you that have stuck around regardless of the fact that I have not posted anything since April 3rd of this year. Kudos to you.

Anyways, I am still 17 however I will (finally!) be turning 18 on October 12th. I have figured out a much more detailed idea of what I would like to do with my life in terms of my career. I have decided that I want to major in Social/Personality Psychology and then become a relationship counselor using personality psychology as the basis. I would also love to do a study on how various recreational drugs affect one’s personality in terms of their four letter MBTI code. I’m also interested in coming up with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for people with disabilities that prevent them from having the ability to take the current versions of the test. I would like to do this with the hope that maybe the results would allow both them and their loved ones to understand how they operate a little better.

But I digress from the initial life update. I finished my first summer semester of college. It was horrid because I decided it was a great idea to take three general ed requirements…lets just say I didn’t do as well as I initially hoped I would. I had a great time with the classes though, my teachers were all very helpful and very knowledgeable about their topics.

Me and Ben are still together and we celebrated our 1 year anniversary on May 4 (awww yeah star wars day). I know I haven’t posted much about him, but I’m sure he’ll come up at some points seeing how I do spend a majority of my time with him. 😛

Which brings me to the end of my life update. If I think of anything else to share with you guys I’m sure I will make a post about it or just add on to this one. If you guys have any other questions about what I’ve been up to please let me know!

Also, what are traits you consider vital to an excellent professor? One of mine is that they are able to teach from their brains instead of a book because I see it as a sign that they are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their topic, which makes me very excited to hear what they have to say. What are your thoughts? Let me know!